We are proficient designer having sharp object to produce quality Instrumentation& Automation services, Supply and Execution of the projects. Our directors and teams extensive experience allows us to develop the users requirements, into beautiful environmentally sound and workable schemes.


  • Detail Engineering services for Electrical & Instrumentation
  • Development of PLC program & it’s connectivity to other automation
  • Product & BMS.
  • Repairing ofA.C./D.C.Drives,PLCetc
  • Supply of Electrical and Instrumentation Items.
  • Electrical & Instrumentation Installation.
  • Inspection and testing of all Electrical and instrumentation Systems/items.


We got wide experience in process instrumentation products like:

  • Pressure Measurement:-Pressure/ Differential Transmitters, Pressure/Differential Pressure Switch etc.
  • Temperature Measurement:-Temperature Transmitters, RTD/Thermocouple, Temperature Switch, Pyrometer etc.
  • Level Measurement:-Level Transmitter, Liquid Radar Level Transmitter, Radar Level Transmitter (Cement, Clinker, lime, minerals etc), Capacitance/ RF type Level Switch
  • Flow Measurement:- Electromagnetic Flowmeter, Ultrasonic Flowmeter (for water and waste water application), Oil gear type Flowmeter.
  • Saftey And Switches:- tachometer, zero speed switch, pull cord switch, belt sway switch,
  • Valves:- Butterfly valve, Ball valve, Control valve, , Solenoid valves, Air Filter Regulator, dampers, actuator etc.
  • Various:-Burner Controller, Fuel Control Valve,metal detector, metal separator, weighing system,CCTV Camera, kiln Camera, Bio-metric machine, etc.
  • Instrumentation Mounting Hardware:-Manifolds,Isolation valves, tubesand fittings.
  • Analysers:-PH, Conductivity, Chlorine, TOC, BOD, COD etc.
  • Instrument Piping:PTFE/PFA/CPVC/UPVC/PP/solid plastic pipe etc.

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