We are active in the field of electrical Engineering, supply and installation of Electrical System. We provide all kind of solution regarding electrical design for industrial as well as residential & infrastructure related projects. We do high quality materials to exceed industry standards, efficient robust Supply with time management, we believe in internal testing and improvement through constant Research and development. All the time trained and well experienced employee at service of the customer for support project handling or field activity All these puts client into cost saving and increase productivity. .




  1. Low voltage Three Phase Induction motor 415-660V
  2. Low voltage Three Phase Slip Ring Motor 415-660V
  3. Medium voltage Motors 6600V
  4. Special Application Motors VVFD


  1. Power cables 1.1KV -33KV
  2. Control cables
  3. Instrument cables
  4. Communication cables
  5. All kind of cables xlpe, pvc, armoured, non-armoured.

Electrical Panels and distribution boards:

  1. Power centre:
    • High Voltage power distribution Panels
    • Medium voltage power distribution Panels
    • LV/MV Power control centre (PCC Panels)
    • LV/MV Motor control Centre (MCC Panels)
    • MV/LV Switchgear
  2. Quality control Centre:
    • HV Capacitor Bank
    • MV Capacitor Bank
    • LV Capacitor Bank
    • Automatic switchable power factor correction panel
    • Panels With Series Reactors
  3. Control Centre:
    • RIO Panels
    • Control stations
    • PLC Panels
    • CCR Control system
  4. Panels:
    • Synchronising Panel
    • VFD panel
    • Soft starter panels
    • Motor Starter AC/DC both
    • Local push button box for DOL RDOL and
    • Junction boxes i.e. AJB, DJB, FJB
    • Power Distribution Sockets, Welding distribution boxes.
    • UPS Panel

Transformers and Switch yard accessories:

  1. Single Phase distribution transformer up to 25KVA
  2. Three phase distribution transformer 4000KVA 11/22/33/6.6/.
  3. Power transformers
  4. Voltage stabilizers
  5. Outdoor VCB
  6. Lightning Arrestor
  7. Current Transformer
  8. Potential Transformer
  9. Switch Yard structures

Except these we provide all kind of electrical accessories like cable trays, lugs, glands, termination kits, ferruling, mcc/pcc components i.e. MPCB relay contactor etc.

Erection and commissioning of Various kind of Electrical Systems :

  1. Substation
  2. Motors HV/LV squirrel cage/ Slip Ring
  3. Power/Distribution transformers
  4. HV/MV/LV switchgears
  5. Cables, Cable Galleries, termination etc.

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