PMNR Multi Solution provide total EPC for Electrical and instrument system, we design & commission the system, a key factor for client and all solution at one place.Pmnr incorporated with the vision of Industrial Trading House where a group of professionals having vast experience of Consultancy, Engineering, Trading and Marketing of various types of electrical & Automation projects & goods could give their best to refine the electrical and instrumentation sector. We as a PMNR provide one source responsibility for complete project.


PMNR having expertise in steel cold rolling, process line (CCL , CGL ,skin pass mill, cut to length line,slittling line,rewindin line etc.)cement process, stacker reclaimer, raw mill, coal mill, preheater, kiln, cooler, cement mill,packing section, wire & cable food & beverage power, paper plastic printing, sugar industry, textile industry power Grid substation, transmission line distribution transformer

WHY US? Experts say always work with: Good Experience Extensiveindustry knowledge Great quality Competitive prices Good Workmanship Excellent Customer support servicebackup anytime anywhere. With PMNR client get all of these without complaint.

WHAT WE DO? Engineering Design: PMNR proudly provide services for design of turnkey cement project, sugar, power, lime and other industries. We do engineering related to all Electrical & Instrument work in industry; Design and Engineering of complete plant – Power & Control system, layout design through Automation cable design, Routing, plant lighting (illumination), lightining and earthing protection design and installation, power consumption calculation and control. Audits for reducing maintenance & breakdown downtime

ERECTION AND COMMISSIONING PMNR do total E & I contract for all kinds of industries (Cement, sugar, lime, steel, glass process, power, solar etc.)Design supply and Erection, Testing & Commissioning of H.T. Substation, VFDs, motors, PLC, DCS, Switchgear, Transformer, Power Cabling, Street Lighting, Power and lighting Wiring, Earthing Conductor, Lightning Protection Systems, Solar System, Security Surveillance System & P.A. System etc. and also specializes in Technical Facility Management (Operation & Maintenance) of Electrical Installation and Control Systems.

REPAIRING PMNR provides services for repairing, modification & Automation for Industrial sector.We have great potential and experience in repairing of faulty system equipment and sub system I all type of industry, we have specialization in VFD, Controllers, I/O cards, PLC, DCS, HMI system etc.


  • Troubleshoot & testing
  • Replacement
  • Testing
  • Commissioning
  • Observation
  • Handover

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